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Мodern hydrogen
Energetics and Ecology

Vernadsky Institute of general and inorganic chemistry of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences


L.F. Kozin

S.V. Volkov

Naukova Dumka

KIEV, 2016

ISBN 966-00-0796-5

UDC 669.85/86+669.871:31+669.793:31

The book deals with the problems of the world, including Ukraine, provision with power carriers as well as peculiarities of the new developing field of knowledge and industry — hydrogen energetics, which is the only ecologically pure method of power generation of the future. Self-sufficiency conditions of unrenewable and renewable power sources for civilization existence on the Earth are described. The authors' hypotheses concerning oil, natural gas and hard coal origin are discussed. Special attention is paid to ecologic aspects, in particular, greenhouse effect, ozone holes, power generation.

Intended for engineering staff and research scientists engaged in the problems of power prospecting, including prospecting and production of unrenewable and renewable power sources, as well as for postgraduates and students of the secondary and higher educational institutions. Kiev, 2016 - 407p.